In Gardia Planters, we offer diversity in fiberglass planters for indoors and outdoors with more than 180 fiberglass planters with 20 different colors. In our catalog, we offer great variety of any shape of fiberglass (bowl, round, cubic, square, rectangle, box, tall, short, oblong, custom made, etc.). We offer seasonal discounts and free shipping to 48 contiguous states.

If you have any other idea to be made in fiberglass, we can work with you to make it come true. We have over 20 years of experience handling fiberglass in all kind of applications (sinks, bathtubs, beams, boats, pools, molds, etc.). Let us know your project so we can make your idea come to reality.

Our planters, besides being use for living plants, can also be used as decorative per se: in hotels, offices, malls, shopping centers. They can be decorated with artificial trees, flower, plants, etc.

Thank you for your preference.


Gardia Planters Team

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