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  • Box Rectangular Planter 16
    Box Rectangular Planter 16
    Gardia Planters

    Box Rectangular Planter 16

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    Fiberglass planter for indoors and outdoors.

    Free shipping and handling to US customers in the 48 contiguous States.

    Model L x W x H
    Box Planter 16 21.7" x 13.8" x 7.9"

    Our fiberglass planters are handmade and of the best quality and durability.

    See our 20 standard Saucers to satisfy your demands.

    If you wish to have a living plant, all our planters are prepared with a draining hole for the due watering of your beloved plantings. If you wish your planter sealed, we will supply it without a draining hole.

    Our fiberglass planters are, among other properties:

    Light and durable.

    Crack resistant.


    Smooth texture.

    Easy to clean.

    They can look as good as new for many years.

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