Round planters for beautifying buildings

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Buying something for your business is a challenge in the sense that you are always considering the possible effect it could give to your business as a whole. If you have a huge business building, make sure that you have something that could give some life inside and out. Take for example a shopping mall. You will probably find some trees in their huge corridor or a small park inside the building. It is like a small park because you can see trees in circular planters and beside it there are benches that offer seats to window shoppers and customers.

You can also use the round fiberglass planters outside your business building especially if you have some large parking space for your clients. Your clients will be delighted if you place some trees in the area to make it more homey and alive. It will be a good change after several years of having a flat space with no life. Besides, the shade of a tree is a nice addition to have on a hot summer day.

Thus, it is only fitting that you use round planters and place some trees or plants in your parking lot for a change. This type of change could draw attention from people passing by your building, especially in a city since trees can be an uncommon sight.

Made from durable fiberglass, each round planter found in our collection is of commercial-grade quality. Large round planters constructed out of fiberglass are a smart, low-maintenance choice for exterior containers that need to handle heavy planting loads. Also, the classic aesthetic of round planters makes them a wonderful choice for a range of projects – modern, traditional and everything in between.

Beginning with size, our round planters include sizes starting at 12" to 44" tall and ranging in diameter from 9" to 47". You can find them here.

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