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  • Are you over watering your plants?

    Water is the essence of life, all living things need to have some sort of water to grow strong and beautiful. But what happen if you over water your plants? Here are some tips and signs in how to know if you are over watering your plants.

    3 Signs that you are over watering your plants

    • Your plant is wilting but you can see it has plenty of water.

    The roots needs a dry period for them to take oxygen, over watering them makes impossible for the roots to take oxygen, and they will wilt giving the impression that they need water, even though the soil is still wet.

    • The tips of the leave turn brown

    The first signs of over watering occur on the tip of the leaves, if you see the tip of the leaves brown, it means that a demineralization process it’s happening because of the excess water.

    • Yellow leaves or leaves falling

    Stunted slow growth with yellowing leaves is a symptom of over watering. Leaf fall occurs in both situations of too much water and too little water.  When both young and old leaves are falling prematurely combined with buds not opening, this is a sure sign of too much water.

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