Saving money with fiberglass planters

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The flexibility of fiberglass has become the golden standard for commercial planters chosen by savvy designers and homeowners who are involved in the latest landscape design ideas. In addition the exceptional qualities inherent in fiberglass itself, the features listed below further describe how purchasing fiberglass planters save you money.

Purchasing fiberglass planters save you money.

Planter durability is a serious reason to choose fiberglass over other materials, being rugged and strong. Certain plants need either a substantial profundity, breadth, or both. Keeping planter weight down while providing plenty of strength and space for root systems saves money in two ways:

  • Fiberglass is less expensive from the outset, costing a fraction of conventional, heavier materials such as stainless steel, concrete or wood.
  • Because it is lightweight, fiberglass cuts down on shipping costs and doesn’t require special equipment to place on a site.

Low Maintenance and Durability is Cost Savings

One of the main reasons for choosing fiberglass planters is endurance. Planters made with fiberglass:

  • Are corrosion resistant, fire and chemical resistant, and are non-conductive which, when combined, extend planter life
  • Do well in weather extremes and, unlike wood, plastic, or metal, have the lowest expansion/contraction rate from cold, heat, or stress
  • Are long-lasting in coastal climates containing high salt content
  • Will not rot, warp, degrade or disintegrate over time.

In short, fiberglass planters have the longest life over other planters, and require little to no maintenance in both mild and harsh environments, all of which saves you money.

Why Gardia Planters?

Making Strong, resistant and durable planters is our forte. No order is too big or too small. Our customer service staff are happy to assist any customer that would like their help, They can walk you through the ordering process so you can order the planter you would like. We invite you to browse our selection of large outdoor fiberglass planters, We are confident you'll find a style or a similar style that fits your needs.

Without a doubt, pound for pound, fiberglass saves your money in just about every way. You will have a hard time to find other manufacturers that can offer the best quality and durability that exists on the market at the best prices that Gardia Planters offers.

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